Monday, October 25, 2010

lovely marriage of word image and design

A mysterious, seductive collaboration between the neurologist Oliver Sacks, the photographer Abelardo Morell and the designer Ted Muehling about the natural history of a Micronesian island is an artifact in itself.

Friday, October 15, 2010

so sad...too bad

seeds removed?

The BBC only reports that people can't walk on them anymore, however another site claims they're getting cleaned out.

80 seeds a day

This Tate Modern installation by Ai Weiwei - in the Turbine Hall. 1600 people working for 2.5 years creating around 100 million hand formed and painted sunflower seeds now cover the space of the Turbine Hall. For me, so many layers of meaning appear but check out this link for more info on the symbolism of the seed in China.

Monday, October 11, 2010

recent sightings

it had been a while. school is satisfying in it's activity, my studio however is not...but here is what's going on...

beautiful milkweed
too much dinosaur for a flower brick?

In other news, we are working on an exciting project at school using all the scrap reclaim and glazes to find a good mixture that will work as a tile/paver (totally got the idea from the CM on green ceramics practice) but it's also really fun. there is a big space outside the studio that turns to mud every time it rains, so i'm looking to relieve that a little. Also, as we expand our glaze palette and possible move to cone 6 or 7, the test tiles and larger tiles students do will tile the studio fun stuff is on its way at school.