Sunday, July 10, 2011

better blog

here is a shout out for Bridget - a fellow student from my NSCAD days - she is a dedicated blogger and has given me one or two highlights. I enjoy the format, and encourage you to check it out:

and our fellow classmate Alana Wilson - off on firetower adventures:

so little time

the summer has moved so swiftly. it feels like just yesterday I was taking part in my first Marlboro College commencement (youtube video here). Almost immediately after wards I was off on a spanish adventure (with a side-trip to Vienna) - which I will be sure to post pictures from as I sit down to sort them.

Right now however, there is more pressing business. At least 250 of them.

I have been invited to show work at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center. To try something different, I have chosen to tackle the space with a site-specific architectural intervention. The museum recently renovated there main gallery space, so I will take care of the 'spotlight gallery'. The rosette is a press mold made from a plaster original provided by my neighbor Rory - a talented architectural plaster restorer. Along with a team of assistants, we made a tun over 6 days of work - going through over 600 pounds of clay. What I didn't account for was the time it would take to get them through the kilns. Thankfully, they are all done and ready for installation this week.

The opening is this Friday, the 15th of July if you are in the area. If not, the show is up until October.
More pictures to follow...