Monday, July 13, 2009

in the blue ridge

it's still new to me. working in a studio with the sounds of insects and tree frogs outside the window. on the way back down from the studio, in the midst of a mild thunderstorm, the air was so moist, it felt as though i wasn't even breathing.
while damp in halifax, the bite of salt on the air was always present, and now i miss it. everything is lush and green and damp and the pots take ages to dry.
i've begun accumulating insect carcasses. while potentially high on the creep-out factor, i am enjoying being able to examine these complex structures calmly and with time. so far i have one ciccada, two dragonflies, a moth, some other beetle, and i had a grasshopper - but lost it. the back of it's hind leg (yup, it was only left with one) was the most incredible red and his back had marking that seemes eager to imitate some other creature.

another week ahead and, i'm sure, like the two behind me, it will pass quickly.

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