Wednesday, July 15, 2009


it never ceases to surprise and amaze me how our surroundings influence what we do - whether it's what we eat, when we sleep, or what forms we are drawn to in the studio. sometimes it is a symbiosis. last week i had the opportunity to have a studio visit with Charity Davis-Woodard. As we left the studio, she noticed TJ's cactus. Having just been looking at the beginnings of this run of flower 'bricks' she pointed at it and then back to me.
Yup, there sure is a resemblance - but something still isn't right. Kent and Victoria visited today and gave me some different perspectives. they spoke of lightness, order, treatment of the holders. now the vases are all slipped - white and clean, so of course it may be a different story.


  1. I am so excited for your latest clay adventure, Martina! And it's great that all of your fans get some snippets from your time at Aarowmont through this blog, I'm already intrigued by the work I see. Bugs, huh? The new McKnight artist at NCC is currently casting a huge grasshopper - maybe you two are on the same wavelength :) Enjoy the new blog (and the new home!), I've got you in my google reader!