Monday, August 10, 2009

I just finished a week of drawing class with Julia Morrisroe.
It was a challenging class with morning excursions for source gathering and afternoons in the classroom drawing on large sheet (3' x 4' or so). I really enjoyed working with ink and charcoal - learning for the first time that charcoal can be mixed with water. We went twice to the abandoned remnants of the amusement park next to Arrowmont where i fell in love with the old go-kart track. it has these wonderful haloes of the tires that used to guard the border. Also the ghost of a charilift - lovely and yellow just hangin' out.
The class moved so fast, i didn't really ever finish a drawing. Just in the way pots are never finished - there's always more to be done to a drawing - well maybe not done - it could be 'not done' if that makes any sense.
Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the last drwawing. For that one i got to work with Julia's luscious oil pastels - they were so 'fat' - i can't think of another way to describe them. they went on the paper so well, i would mix them with coloured pencil and chalk pastel. Now the trick will be where to find room to keep working. i really liked the large scale of the paper, and as per Julia's suggestion - maybe clay will be my drawing material - i wonder if i can get earthenware to be like an ink?

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  1. Hey Martina,
    Good to see you here. Looks like you're getting in on lots of great opportinities at Arrowmont. I'll certianly be looking in on a regular basis to see the latest.