Thursday, August 20, 2009

new adventures

Well, tomorrow I'm off on a big adventure.
I will be going to Moscow and St. Petersburg with my parents. I have no idea what to expect. Despite fantasizing over guide books for the past month, I remain at a loss. I have never before traveled somewhere I will not even be able to read the text around me. There is no hope of deciphering the Cyrillic script or the words spoken around me. Images of the variety of architectural wonders already have me excited for the potential influence on my work. I can't wait to see the onion domes and palaces influence my forms and decoration upon my return.

As I transition to working here at Arrowmont,
I have begun to seek out ways to reintroduce decoration on my thrown and altered forms. I continue to develop my own peculiar version of a flower brick. As I glaze them I am considering how they will look both with and without flowers. Right now the colours have remained quite subtle. I wonder if the flowers will provide enough of a colour punch, or if the brick on it's own needs more flavor.

The last week of classes here at Arrowmont brought Cornel Rubino from Baltimore. His assistant was a student from MICA - Tommy Doyle and two talented models - Alice and Lawrence. It was great to hang with some folks from b-more and his 'Monumental Drawing' class produced amazing results. The summer session ended on a high note and the campus is now subdued and silent. Gatlinburg itself has calmed down with the beginning of school.

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